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Review: Bob’s Burgers #2

The first issue of Bob’s Burgers did a lot right and came out of the ringer as a solid read, despite some problems both as an individual issue and as a set-up for an ongoing series. The characterization and look of the show was faithfully retained and the comic offered lots of laughs. The format of this series, split up into five sections respectively devoted to individual members of the Belcher family, is fresh and unique. Unfortunately, not every story of the first issue was a winner, and the big creative team wasn’t able to squeeze out enough attention for Bob and Linda, the parents of the Belcher family; their sections only being page-long notes and letters fictionally written by them doesn’t help this issue. The second issue offers three stories that all work, offering a stronger read than the last even though the comic still begs for more from the parents.


The short story devoted to Tina here is even better than the last, offering a hugely glorious and dumb sci-fi story about a battle between humanity and robots, ultimately ended peacefully through dance. There’s lots of action and lots of downright goofy bits of Tina quirkiness. Louise’s story is much better than last month’s weak offering, giving readers a fun mystery with a cute, silly ending that makes sense. Gene’s story isn’t as good as the one last time, but it’s good, offering a musical with lots of Shakespeare and flatulence. In their totality, these stories embody a distinctly silly and fun atmosphere, sure to make any fan of the show feel at home.

The page devoted to Bob and the page devoted to Linda just don’t do much, however. Like last time, they’re fine, but at the end of the day they just make the void for the two characters seem more gaping. It’s not intrinsically bad that they don’t get their own stories, but they should have big roles in the stories actually presented to make up. On the flip side, the art does more than cleverly translate the art style and visual humor of the show. The comics craft is put to good use here, offering cool, smart visual tricks. One example of this is the series of word bubbles from Louise’s big mouth, increasing as she gets angrier and louder. There are a few instances like this, and it’s neat to see.

I enjoyed Bob’s Burgers #2 a lot for what it is, chock full of creative, funny entertainment. I just wish it would incorporate the other two fifths of the Bob’s Burgers main cast, to make the laughs even better.

Story: Rachel Hastings, Mike Olsen, Justin Hook, Jeff Drake, Chad Brewster Art: Frank Forte, Tony Gennaro, Tyler Garrison, Kimball Shirley, Anthony Aguinaldo, Hector Reynoso, Robin Brigstocke, Steven Theis, Derek Schroeder
Story: 7.5 Art: 8.0 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

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NYCC 2013: Fox Brings Their Hit Shows




Screening: 6:15 PM – Empire Stage 1-E

Step into the future with a special screening of the highly anticipated action drama from J.J. Abrams and J.H. Wyman. ALMOST HUMAN, premiering Monday, Nov. 4 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX, takes place approximately 30 years in the future – when being a cop has only become a more dangerous job than it is today. Following an unprecedented increase in the crime rate, every police officer must partner with an android. The series will follow the week-to-week missions of John Kennex (Karl Urban), a detective and sole survivor of a devastating police ambush, and his robot partner, Dorian (Michael Ealy), as this buddy-cop duo solve cases and fight to keep the lid on dangerously evolved criminals in this futuristic landscape.



Panel: 7:45-8:45 PM – Empire Stage 1-E

Creator and executive producer Loren Bouchard and the comedic voice cast, including H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Dan Mintz and Larry Murphy, will serve up hilarious BOB’S BURGERS footage, followed by a Q&Apanel discussion about FOX’s Emmy-nominated animated series that centers on the trials and tribulations of a man, his family and their burger joint.

Autograph Signing: 4:00 PM



Panel: 6:45-7:45 PM – Room 1A23

World-renowned astrophysicist and series host Neil deGrasse Tyson joins executive producer/writer Ann Druyan, executive producer/director Brannon Braga and executive producer Mitchell Cannold to debut never-before-seen footage of stylized animated sequences from FOX’s upcoming COSMOS: A SPACETIME ODYSSEY, followed by a Q&A panel discussion. Druyan and executive producer Seth MacFarlane have teamed to conceive a thrilling new 13-part series, premiering in 2014, which will serve as the successor to Carl Sagan’s Emmy Award- and Peabody Award-winning “Cosmos: “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage,” as it ventures across the universe of space and time and explores humanity’s heroic quest for knowledge and the laws of science.

Autograph Signing: 4:00 PM



Panel: 1:30-2:30 PM – Empire Stage 1-E

Become a follower and join THE FOLLOWING creator/executive producer Kevin Williamson, executive producer/director Marcos Siega and stars Kevin Bacon, James Purefoy, Connie Nielsen, Shawn Ashmore and Valorie Curry for a special video presentation and Q&A panel discussion. Heading into its intense, spellbinding second season this January on FOX, hit psychological thriller THE FOLLOWING catches up with Ryan Hardy (Golden Globe Award winner and Emmy Award nominee Kevin Bacon) in the wake of a horrific new murder spree, as he begins to suspect that Joe Carroll’s (James Purefoy) reign of terror is far from over.

Autograph Signing: 2:45 PM


Panel: 2:45-3:45 PM – Empire Stage 1-E

Join SLEEPY HOLLOW co-creators/executive producers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, director/co-creator/executive producer Len Wiseman, co-creator/supervising producer Phillip Iscove, executive producer Heather Kadin and series stars Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones and Katia Winter for a special exclusive sneak peek at an upcoming episode and Q&A panel discussion. FOX’s newest breakout hit, SLEEPY HOLLOW, which was recently renewed for a second season, is a thrilling mystery-adventure drama spanning two and a half centuries, in which a resurrected Ichabod Crane (Mison) pairs up with a present-day cop (Beharie) to save the enigmatic town of Sleepy Hollow – and the world – from unprecedented evil.

Autograph Signing: 4:00 PM

Fans can also receive updated announcements and information from each panel throughout New York Comic Con by joining the conversation by using #FOXNYCC.