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Blindbox Comics’ March 2017 Unboxing

Blindbox Comics is a monthly comic book subscription box that includes five regular monthly releases and one exclusive variant cover. Or, you can order just the variant. Or, you can order just the comics.

We open up and show off the latest and final box released, going over the comics plus a variant! Find out what’s inside!

Blindbox to Feature Black Mask Variant in June

Blindbox ComicsThis month Blindbox Comics are doing something a little different. There is only ONE variant this month, but it’s an exclusive to them that is part of a greater set of heist movie poster homages put out by Black Mask Studios. This variant is a limited print run of 250 copies.

For those of you who enjoy the multiple cover chase, collecting all of the various covers for issue #1 will pose quite the challenge. Next month they’ll be resuming their regularly scheduled program.

You can get just their comics for $20.99 a month, the variant for just $12.99 a month, and the combination of the two for $27.99. Subscribe today!

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