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Review: Black Suit Of Death: Ides Of March & Issue #1

BSOD ides of marchBlack Suit Of Death… When I opened the prelude comic, Ides Of March, I had no idea what it was about, and while that probably won’t be the case for you if you keep reading, it was a rare treat for me to go into a comic utterly blind.

So first impressions of Black Suit Of Death Ides Of March was that it was a darkly funny splash of at times gloriously over the top science fiction horror. I’ll admit that when the deaths started happening I was taken by surprise, but I quickly fell for the over the top schlockey horror that has been described as very Bruce Campbellesque – a description that’s very fitting. As a prelude to the first issue this introduces you to the Black Suit of Death, and gives you a pretty decent understanding of what the suit is capable of, and why it was created. It’s also got some darkly humourous moments peppered within its pages, often in the little conversations the background characters are having.

Written by Benjamin J. Kreger and Ed Ellsworth  the comics focuses on population control via some questionable methods; the dark subject matter which is complemented by the deep shadows and moody atmosphere of Stephano Cardoselli (pencils and inks) and Craig Gilliland‘s (colours) artwork as they brig the story to life with a great use of shadows, sepia toned reds and once the violence starts some vibrant blue and green hues the balance the on panel dismembering. The prelude serves as a great taste of the what’s to come, thematically, and it’s really quite good.

It is also quite unlike the first issue.

BSOD 1Black Suit of Death #1 takes a drastically different direction than the prelude issue as it takes place roughly ten thousand years or so after Ides Of March. We spend the majority of it following Edd Grimes as his life spirals ever downward. The art team is different this issue, with Dexter Wee providing pencils and inks and Bryan Arfal Magnaye on board for the colouring. The switch does change the aesthetic of the comic, although with the shift in the story’s focus I think that the shift is actually for the better as there’s less of the Sci-Fi horror twist to the art that worked so well in the prelude issue, but wouldn’t fit quite as well with this issue.

Despite losing the horror tinged aspects of the prelude, the first issue doesn’t shy away from darker subject matter; it’s just handled in a much different way. Edd’s daily struggle with his depression and suicidal thoughts are a central part of his journey throughout the issue, and while I’ve never suffered with what he’s going through, the way that Kreger an Ellsworth handle the subject seems to be done in a respectful and tactful way.

I didn’t know what to expect when I started reading the Warrior Innkeeper Creative published series, and came out the other end having read two chapters of the same story that effortlessly cross genres, art styles and tens of thousands of years. In addition to the story itself, each comic also features a single page short comic and a multi-page text only short story. These additions certainly sweeten the pot as it were when you’re thinking about picking the issues up.

Black Suit Of Death may sound like a cheesy name, but the concept and execution will exceed your expectations.

Prelude Issue
Writers: Benjamin J. Kreger and Ed Ellsworth
Pencils & Inks: Stephano Cardoselli Colours: Craig Gilliland
Story: 8 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy
First issue
Writers: Benjamin J. Kreger and Ed Ellsworth
Pencils & Inks: Dexter Wee Colours: Bryan Arfal Magnae
Story: 9 Art: 8.5 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Warrior Innkeeper Creative provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review.

Kickstarter Spotlight: Black Suit of Death

black suit of death Cover by Craig Gillilandby Benjamin Kreger

Suit Up w/ Black Suit of Death

Life is hard for Edd Grimes. He grew up in abject poverty, with a father who cared more about his pet cat than his own son. In high school, he was bullied and always felt a little disgusted by the “cool kids, yet part of him craved their acceptance. Somehow he made it out alive and into college, albeit community college. He’s living on his own now and even has a girlfriend. While this should be an improvement, the story is still somehow the same.

…Except, everything is about to change!

Black Suit of Death​ is a satirical science fiction horror story and the latest title from indie publisher Warrior Innkeeper Creative. It is a follow­up to the One­Shot distant prelude, ​The
Black Suit of Death: Ides of March​. We pick up the story approximately 10,000 years after the suit and it’s creator were banished to Earth. Over the many millennia the ​Black Suit of Death​ or B.S.D.​ has passed from one ​Pilot​ to the next, and has inspired the many stories and myths revolving around the Angel of Death a.k.a. the Grim Reaper.

In the series, long ­awaited by readers of Ides of March, Co­-Creators Benjamin J. Kreger and Edward Ellsworth introduce the latest Pilot of the BSD, Edd Grimes. Edd is a 20­ year ­old Graphic Design student attending community college outside of Phoenix, Arizona. After years o struggling with depression, social anxiety, and his general bleak outlook on life, Edd has one of those days that convinces him it can only get worse. Distraught, he walks out into the desert determined to end it all… only, he discovers the Black Suit of Death instead. Now, thrust into the role of the death dealing Reaper of Souls, his fleeting thoughts of violence and harshest judgements of his fellow human have deadly consequences.

Black Suit of Death #1​ will be a 24 page full color comic written by Kreger and Ellsworth with Dexter Wee (Cura Te Ipsum, Patriot­1) at the helm providing Pencils and Inks. Newcomer Jeremy Kahn (Ringa Raggedy) will handle Colors.

In addition, Warrior Innkeeper Creative has hired the famed Cartoonist Fred Hembeck (you
know that guy behind a little comic called, ​Petey, The Adventures of Peter Parker Before He
Became Spider-Man​). Hembeck will write and draw, ​Li’l BSD​, a continuing one­page comic to be
featured at the end of each issue of ​Black Suit of Death​!

Kreger is currently running a ​Kickstarter​ in an effort to fund the costs of art for Black Suit of
Death, and that of a small print run for Backers and Convention Goers. However, he is also
using this opportunity to shed a little more light on the sensitive subject of Veteran Suicide. A
Veteran of Iraq himself, he served two tours in the Middle East and combats Depression and
PTSD on a daily basis. Thankfully, he’s found the creative effort put into making comics to be
quite therapeutic and attributes writing, and comic creation to his improving mental health.

You can learn more about Black Suit of Death by visiting
https://www.facebook.com/BlackSuitOfDeath​ or ​www.warriorinnkeeper.com/kickstarter
The ​Black Suit of Death​ Kickstarter must reach it’s goal by end of day ​September 14th​ to be funded.

So, you must hurry​!

Warrior Innkeeper Creative​ began in 2009 as Warrior Innkeeper Comics but made a name change in 2014 to reflect the many services it now provides to clients. The Indie Comic Publisher also offers exciting Marketing Solutions and Graphic Design services to a variety of clients including the City of Independence & MINet Fiber ­ creating promotional comics for one and a mascot for the other. ​Black Suit of Death: Ides of March​ was the first Mature title published by Warrior Innkeeper Comics and Black Suit of Death #1​ will be the first new title published with the Warrior Innkeeper Creative imprint.

black suit of death



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