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The stunning graphic novel Bianca arrives in March from 21 Pulp and Italian publisher Shockdom!

Publisher 21 Pulp will bring Italian comic publisher Shockdom’s stunning and acclaimed graphic novel Bianca to comic shops in March! 

Bianca is the story of an Earth where humans are long gone and the only rule left is that the strong survive. Otherwise, the Flesh-Eaters will devour you! But Bianca has chosen to fight and seek revenge instead! 

This marks the second incredible graphic novel of Shockom which has been brought to the US after the beautiful Francis, and it marks another step in bringing the wonderful Italian flavor of comics to a bigger audience. Bianca is by writer Paolo Margiotta and artist Francesca Perrone.

Bianca is currently available in the January Previews catalog for March release. You can preorder from your local comic shop using order code JAN211611. 


21 Pulp is Bringing Italian Publisher Shockdom Books to the United States

Comic book publisher 21 Pulp has announced they are partnering with Italian comic publisher Shockdom to bring some of Shockdom’s library of titles to the United States. 

This will include books such as Francis, by breakout artist and creator Loputyn. Francis is an acclaimed graphic novel about a witch who likes to have fun and is coming to age but avoids some of her responsibilities as the most important test of career as a witch approaches. It has spectacularly charming art which has captivated fans overseas, and has been a hit for both Shockdom and Loputyn. 

Other books include Bianca, by Paolo Margiotta and young artist Francesca Perrone. Bianca is a story about a time when humans are long gone, the Earth went on without them, and it is believed that is inevitable that the Flesh-Eaters will devour people. Except for Bianca, who chooses to stand up and fight. 

Some of the other popular books from Shockdom are Cotton Tales, Noumeno, Prudhomme, Blue, Sio’s comics, and the superheroes series Timed.

Francis is currently available in the November Previews catalog for January release. You can preorder from your local comic shop using order code NOV201580.