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Titan Comics Reveals the Covers and More Details for Blade Runner 2019

Yesterday (April 10, 2019) is a special date for Blade Runner fans — it’s the exact date of rogue Replicant Leon “Let Me Tell You About My Mother” Kowalski’s inception. (Even casual fans remember Leon as the Nexus-6 synthetic human who shoots the Blade Runner giving him a Voight-Kompff empathy test during the film’s opening sequence inside the imposing Tyrell Corporation double pyramid).

To mark the occasion, Titan Comics and Alcon Entertainment unveiled the first covers and further details for Blade Runner 2019 — a brand-new, in canon series set during the exact timeframe of the original Blade Runner film.

In the polluted and rain-drenched neo-noir nightmare that is Los Angeles, 2019, the veteran Blade Runner known as Ash has a new case: a billionaire’s wife and child, both apparently kidnapped by violent Replicants.

The 12-issue series is being written by acclaimed Blade Runner 2049 screenwriter Michael Green and veteran collaborator Mike Johnson, with interior art by noted artist Andres Guinaldo.

Blade Runner 2019 will debut July 17, 2019.  The first issue—featuring variant covers by Artgerm, Syd Mead, Andres Guinaldo, and John Royle, among others—is available to pre-order through the upcoming May edition (for July shipping) of Diamond PREVIEWS.

Blade Runner 2019 #1 Artgerm Cover
Blade Runner 2019 #1 Artgerm Cover
Blade Runner 2019 #1 Syd Mead Cover
Blade Runner 2019 #1 Syd Mead Cover
Blade Runner 2019 #1 Andres Guinaldo
Blade Runner 2019 #1 Andres Guinaldo
Blade Runner 2019 #1 John Royle Cover
Blade Runner 2019 #1 John Royle Cover

Blade Runner 2019 #1 Gets a Cover from Stanley “Artgerm” Lau

Titan unveiled a fresh look at Blade Runner 2019 – a brand-new comic set during the exact timeframe of the original Blade Runner film.

Created by the legendary, multi-talented Stanley “Artgerm” Lau, the first cover from Titan’s Blade Runner 2019 series beautifully depicts the cityscape of Blade Runner’s Los Angeles in 2019, as well as a further look at new Blade Runner, Ash.

The comic is written by acclaimed Blade Runner 2049 screenwriter Michael Green and veteran collaborator Mike Johnson, with interior art by noted artist Andres Guinaldo.

Titan’s Blade Runner 2019 comics are set to debut in summer.

Blade Runner 2019 Stanley “Artgerm” Lau cover

Review: The Life of Captain Marvel #1

This week’s new comic book day sees a new beginning for Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel!

The Life of Captain Marvel #1 is by Margaret Stohl, Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Fonteriz, Marcio Menyz, Marguerite Sauvage, Clayton Cowles, Julian Totino Tedesco, Joe Quesada, Richard Isanove, Sana Takeda, Fiona Staples, Artgerm, Jay Bowen, Nick Russell, Sarah Brunstad, and Sana Amanat.

Get your copy in comic shops starting July 18. To find a comic shop near you, visit www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.

Amazon/Kindle/comiXology – https://amzn.to/2LptMut https://amzn.to/2NmNGqE https://amzn.to/2Jwyk0p
TFAW – http://shrsl.com/127f2


Marvel provided Graphic Policy with FREE copies for review
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Invisible Woman, Mr. Fantastic, The Thing, and Human Torch Get Artgerm Variants for Fantastic Four #1

This August, Marvel is celebrating the launch of Fantastic Four #1 by Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli with Artgerm variant covers featuring team portraits!

Get a closer look at the Artgerm variant covers for Fantastic Four #1 featuring The Thing, Human Torch, Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman. These will be available for the first issue only.

Fantastic Four #1 is out August 8th featuring a main cover by Esad Ribic.

Catwoman Gets an Ongoing Series by Joëlle Jones

Announced at C2E2, Joëlle Jones will be taking on Catwoman in her own solo ongoing series. The series will spin out of the “Bat wedding” taking place in Batman #50.

Catwoman’s back on the streets dealing with a mysterious copycat and taking on a brand new, as-yet-unrevealed villain.

The revealed solicitation:

The wedding night’s barely over, but Catwoman’s back on the streets, this time to expose a copycat who’s pulling heists around Gotham City. As Selina cracks the whip on her former criminal cohorts, she’s attracting unwanted attention from one of Gotham’s most dangerous groups. The mob? Nope. Try the GCPD. And as if the Bat-Bride didn’t have enough problems, there’s an all-new villain determined to make trouble for all nine of Selina’s lives.

The series will be written by and feature art by Jones with color by Laura Allred and variant covers by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau.

Catwoman #1 will debut in July.

Review: The Mighty Thor #705

The epic showdown years in the making finally explodes across the heavens. Thor battles the unstoppable Mangog, with the fate of all Asgardia hanging in the balance. Is Thor willing to pay the ultimate price in order to save the gods? The tragic and heroic story of Jane Foster finally reaches its heart-rending zenith. You knew it was coming. The Death of Thor is here at last.

The Death of Mighty Thor” comes to this with its sixth part featuring something we all knew was coming but the “how” was still up in the air. Writer Jason Aaron continues his epic story of Thor(s) as the showdown between Mangog and Thor continues to its firey conclusion.

As a piece of the greater story, The Mighty Thor #705 is satisfying in some ways but on its own there’s a lack of emotional punch or takeaway. Without a deep connection to the characters it all feels a little anticlimactic and muted. Whether that’s on purpose or not, it’s an interesting choice and instead of delivering a battle that feels like it could be one for the ages just in this issue alone, instead we get some smarts thrown in to wrap it all up.

The comic though feels like we’ve seen it before with moments and lines that feel repeated. Like Wonder Woman charging across the “No Mans Land,” here we get a similar line and moment of “I am no God.” While it works, much like the comic itself, it’s familiar and in some ways feels a little safe. The entire issue has that in some way.

The art by Russell Dauterman looks beautiful at times but at others it’s difficult to tell exactly what’s going on. I was left staring at pages trying to decipher all of the action though each little bit looks great. That’s partially due to Matthew Wilson‘s coloring which makes the heat feel like it’s coming off of the page.

I can’t say exactly what was expected of the issue but it definitely wasn’t this. While it’s a satisfying conclusion in some ways it also feels like it’s one that’s playing it safe so that Odinson can return to hold the mantle of Thor. Aaron has weaved an epic Thor run and will continue to do so, so in some ways there was an expectation that despite the build up, some different ending might have surprised us. While not a bad issue overall, The Mighty Thor #705 lacks an expected punch.

Story: Jason Aaron Art: Russell Dauterman
Color: Matthew Wilson Letterer: VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover: Russell Dauterman, Matthew Wilson
Variant Cover: Artgerm, Jee Hyung
Editor: Wil Moss Associate Editor: Sarah Brunstad
Story: 7.0 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Marvel provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: The Mighty Thor #705

The Mighty Thor #705

(W) Jason Aaron (A) Russell Dauterman (CA) Artgerm
Rated T+
In Shops: Mar 21, 2018
SRP: $3.99

The epic showdown years in the making finally explodes across the heavens. Thor battles the unstoppable Mangog, with the fate of all Asgardia hanging in the balance. Is Thor willing to pay the ultimate price in order to save the gods? The tragic and heroic story of Jane Foster finally reaches its heart-rending zenith. You knew it was coming. The Death of Thor is here at last.

Titan Reveals the Robotech Creative Team, Launch Date, and Variant Covers

Titan Comics has revealed variant covers and full creative team details for Robotech #1 – the influential anime classic returns this July 26 with a brand-new ongoing series packed with new shocks and surprises!

The all-new Robotech comic series returns to Macross Island, where it all began! Writer Brian Wood, artist Marco Turini and colorist Marco Lesko have crafted a thrilling new tale that’s perfectly accessible to new fans, as well as providing a deeper layer of twists for old-school protoculture addicts!

First airing in the USA in 1985, Robotech was the gateway to anime for many fans – capturing their imagination with its epic generational storyline involving war, romance, and, of course, the transforming Veritech fighters that defend the Earth against extra-terrestrial attacks.

Produced by Harmony Gold USA, the original 85-episode series delved into humanity’s struggle against a series of alien invasions, from the gigantic Zentraedi to the mysterious Invid, battling for control of advanced alien technology that crash-landed on Earth.

The debut issue comes with stunning covers to collect by amazing talents like ArtGerm, Karl Kerschl, Michael Dialynas, The Waltrip Bros. and more!

The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 Variants

On November 9th, the Parker family are webslinging and wallcrawling their way into comic shops in the highly anticipated Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1! An all-new ongoing series launching as part of Marvel NOW!, legendary Spidey writer Gerry Conway returns to pen the adventures of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Plus, he’s bringing superstar artist Ryan Stegman along for the ride!

To celebrate the release of this red-hot first issue, Marvel has partnered with valued retailers across the globe to produce unique variant covers to Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1! Participating retailers have the opportunity to work with an artist to design and illustrate a cover all their own, available exclusively through their stores!

  1. FRIEDPIECOMICS.COM – Mike Del Mundo
  2. KRS COMICS – Tyler Kirkham
  3. JSCOTTCAMPBELL.COM – J. Scott Campbell
  5. UNKNOWN COMICS – Mike Perkins

amazing_spider-man_renew_your_vows_1_artgerm_legacy_comics_variant amazing_spider-man_renew_your_vows_1_del_mundo_fried_pie_variant amazing_spider-man_renew_your_vows_1_j_scott_campbell_variant amazing_spider-man_renew_your_vows_1_mike_perkins_unknown_comics_variant amazing_spider-man_renew_your_vows_1_tyler_kirkham_krs_comics_variant

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