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Preview: Penny Dreadful #5


Writers: Chris King, Krysty Wilson-Cairns, Andrew Hinderaker
Artists: Louie De Martinis
Cover A: March
Cover B: Martinis
Cover C: Photo
FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: Oct 19

Harker has fallen under the spell of the Master, but Vanessa can see the benefit of such a fate. She implores Harker to lead them to their prey, in the hope that Mina will reveal herself, and his footsteps take them to the bloody opium den – and into a horrifying trap!


Preview: Penny Dreadful #3


Writers: Andrew Hinderaker
Artist: Louie De Martinis
Cover A: Guillem March
Cover B: Louie De Martinis
Cover C: Photo
FC – $3.99 – 32pp – On sale: Aug 3

The veil is lifted on the unholy events that took place in Africa that bound together the lives of Sir Malcolm and Sembene. On an expedition to seek the source of the Nile, they witnessed nightmarish scenes that left their mark forevermore… and revealed the power of the supernatural world.

PD issue 3 cover A

Preview: Penny Dreadful #2


Story: Krysty Wilson-Cairns, Andrew Hinderaker & Chris King
Script: Krytsy Wilson-Cairns
Artist: Louie De Martinis
Cover A: Shane Pierce
Cover B: Louie De Martinis
Cover C: Photo
FC – $3.99 – 32pp – On sale: Jun 29

The horrifying truth of Mina’s disappearance is revealed to Vanessa, Sir Malcolm and Sembene, and they realize they face a foe that exists outside anything they’ve encountered. As they frantically regroup, they learn they are not the only ones with a score to settle with the monster in their midst…


Review: Penny Dreadful #1

PennyDreadful_1_COVER_AWhen it comes to horror TV shows of recent memory, many do not scare or entertain, as there are exceptions, (can’t wait for Ash Vs Evil Dead to come back) and the brilliant Penny Dreadful. I must say when I first heard of the gruesome TV show, I was skeptical of whether it would succeed, especially a show which included Josh Hartnett, and a cast of well known British actors, most of whom have not been on television for years. There were moments throughout the first season, which met my doubts, but before the season ended, it would find its rhythm, and come to understand what all great stories do, it always about the characters. The show recently returned for its season, and the show has subsequently gotten better.

So when I heard that Titan Comics, was taking the reins on the adaptation of the TV show into comics, I had two initial thoughts, I hope they don’t mess it up, and the other one being can they do horror comics , right? As the publishing house has had much success with each Doctor Who adaptation and have had success in original comics as wells, such as the intriguing Rivers of London.  Rarely do adaptations of TV shows rarely work, as can be seen by the dry and slow paced DC adaptation of Vampire Diaries. Then there was the Dynamite adaptation of Grimm, which I found to be fairly good, as they not only captured the spirit of the TV show, but added to the show’s already extensive mythology.

This adaptation of Penny Dreadful definitely has the same blood coursing through its veins, as it picks up from some very familiar adversaries of the television show. We find Vanessa, being haunted by the same vampires on the TV show, and now accompanied by werewolves.  Vanessa and Malcolm, try their best to find Malcolm‘s daughter Mina, while on a carriage ride full of surprises. By issue’s end, the reader is introduced to a familiar character from Bram Stoker’s classic, but if the show is any indication, this version will be very much different, than what any of us has seen before.

Overall, a strong   first issue, which has taken its cues not only from the TV show, but also what Archie Horror has brilliantly done with their books. The story by Kristy Wilson-Cairns, Andrew Hinderaker and Chris King, is enough to satisfy any horror fan. The art by Louie De Martinis, is gloomy haunting and beautiful, and exactly what this story needed. Altogether, a brilliant first issue, which more than promises that this book will be sensation all its own.

Story: Kristy Wilson-Cairns, Andrew Hinderaker and Chris King Art: Louie De Martinis
Story: 10 Art: 10 Overall: 10 Recommendation: Buy

Titan Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Titan Announces a Penny Dreadful Comic Series

PrintTitan Comics has announced that it will publish prequel comics for the Showtime series Penny Dreadful.

The first Penny Dreadful comic series is due to hit stores Spring 2016 and will be written by Penny Dreadful scriptwriters Chris King, Krysty Wilson-Cairns and Andrew Hinderaker with art from Louie De Martinis.

The BAFTA Award-winning drama series Penny Dreadful stars Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton and Eva Green. The second season of Penny Dreadful found Vanessa Ives (Green) and Ethan Chandler (Hartnett) forming a deeper bond as the group, including Sir Malcolm (Dalton), Dr. Frankenstein (Harry Treadaway), and Sembene (Danny Sapani), united to banish the evil forces that threatened to destroy them. Meanwhile, Dorian Gray (Reeve Carney) and the Creature (Rory Kinnear) waged battles of their own. PENNY DREADFUL is created, written and executive produced by three-time Oscar nominee John Logan (Hugo, The Aviator, Gladiator) and executive produced by Logan’s Desert Wolf Productions, and Oscar winner Sam Mendes (American Beauty, Skyfall) and Pippa Harris’ (Revolutionary Road, Call The Midwife) Neal Street Productions. A co-production with Sky Atlantic, season three is currently in production on location in Dublin, Ireland for a nine episode order to debut on Showtime in 2016.