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Preview: Adventure Finders: Adventure, Monsters and Treasure #3


Writer(s): Rod Espinosa
Artist Name(s): Rod Espinosa

28 pgs./ T / FC

Our Story So Far

Our heroes discover that the army of orcs that waylaid their caravan some weeks ago now have the Biverius clan members and many others captive.

Together, they all decide to try and rescue them.

But it will not be easy. The Verbolg orc army is encamped in a huge valley… and the prisoners held in an old abandoned mine being used by the leadership as their headquarters.

Bielsica finds them a way in through ventilation holes and they all climb and rappel down the shafts.

Dispatching guards along the way, the manage to rescue their first batch of prisoners. But the Biverius royal siblings are nowhere to be found.

Venturing deeper, our heroes finally find the captives and with guile, wit and surprise, they take the guards and the orc chief unawares and hold them all captive, reversing roles.

Lady Herminia, whom Clariette hasn’t seen in weeks, is happy to see her once again.

They could leave now, but there is one last group of people to rescue.

Against Lord Justinius’ wishes, Clariette decides to send Anana, Jolfe and Asogog down to rescue the last batch of prisoners…

And that is when things go terribly wrong!


Preview: Adventure Finders: Adventure, Monsters, and Treasure #2


Writer(s): Rod Espinosa
Artist Name(s): Rod Espinosa

27 pgs./ T / FC $2.99

Our Story So Far

Clariette: A simple town girl with big dreams and an adventurous heart, out to make the world a better place.  Ariarra: Pragmatic wandering cleric and healer, fiercely independent.  Jolfe Endarion: Clari’s cousin, an apprentice wizard with a love of adventure and good food.  Together they set out in an age of constant warfare, across a world ruled by a monolithic empire, to battle enemies and monsters, make allies, save people in trouble, and find adventure!

Rescued from deadly reavers by a mysterious fey archer named Bielsica, Clariette and her allies finally begin to heal and recover from their long ordeal. Sheltered in the Green Shroud under Bielsica’s watchful eye, they rest for a few days.

Clariette and her friends and allies, with the help of the mysterious fey archer Bielsica, now finally head for home.

Along the way, they come upon the marching army of orcs who raided their caravan some weeks ago. Clari sees that the orcs have the royal Biverius clan prisoner along with many other people.

Unwilling to leave them all to a terrible fate, Clari now hatches a daring but dangerous plan…


Preview: Adventure Finders: The Edge of Empire #1


Writer(s): Rod Espinosa
Artist Name(s): Rod Espinosa
Cover Artist Name(s): Rod Espinosa
32 pgs./ T / FC

Clari is as bubbly as Barbie, as noble as She-Ra, and as violent as any anime warrior princess you’ve ever seen! Young Clariette and her friends Jolfe the Wizard and Ariarra the Healer are tossed directly into a full-scale battle as thousands of orcs, beasts and ogres attack the gigantic convoy of the noble Lord Justinius as they prepare to take up their post guarding Clariette’s home town of Good River!

When all seems lost, an unexpected ally appears!


Preview: Adventure Finders Vol. 1: Newly Hired Adventurers


Digital Only
Writer: Rod Espinosa
Artist: Rod Espinosa
Cover Artist: Rod Espinosa
148 pgs./ T / FC

She wants so much more than what her small town has to offer! This is the dream of starry eyed fishmonger Clariette de Artegnean. She and her cousins Jolfe Endarion and Deren Mumbasi have always dreamt about being adventurers and fighting monsters to save the kingdom. But first, Clari has to survive another day at school where a new teacher has taken over! And he’s not pleased with Clari’s endless questioning.

Two things happen that send them on the road to adventure. One was the arrival of a new girl — young Sister Ariarra Popplevensie of the Moon Goddess order. A healer and spirit caller, Clari immediately sees how useful she can be in her future adventure group.

The second event is the arrival of the adventuring group the Warriors of Dawn! The young cousins along with their new friend Ariarra, the spirit caller, sign up to be hirelings to the Warriors of Dawn. They make plans to go on the road –but will Clari’s strict parents put a stop to her plans?

This graphic novel collects episodes 1-4 for a grand tale 148 pages long!


Rod Espinosa’s Adventure Finders is coming to Action Lab Entertainment!

Adventure Finders is Lord of the Rings with a bit of Game of Thrones in there for plotting. The big difference being this is a female centered adventure. It will also appeal to gamers and RPG players since it draws a lot of elements from classic Dungeons and Dragons, which freely built their games around inclusion.

Creator, writer and illustrator Rod Espinosa commented that he believed readers would enjoy Adventure Finders because:

I believe a lot of female centered stories still miss much of what it really means to be female centered. Books like Elfquest get it. It’s not about women being just as aggressive as the men. Or acting like a man in a woman’s body. It’s a whole new way of dealing with situations and adventures laid out.

Male centered fantasy deals a lot with just the combat aspects. The men never have to worry about feeding children or protecting the women. They blow into town, fight and party, and then leave. This is about a story of adventurers who care about the whole package. Not just saving the village from monsters, but keeping them alive afterwards.

Individuals matter. In the story, the mere act of saving one street child has had enormous reverberations throughout the entirety of book 1. That’s the focus of my book. Everyone, including the disabled and the helpless, matter.

Clari and her friends are like most do gooders. Essentially, Adventure Finders is if you dropped devoted UNHCR people in the middle of medieval fantasy. They not only fight wars out of necessity, but our heroines focus on child welfare and the plight of women in general in their world. They care about fairness a lot. The entire first book is essentially just escorting a caravan of women and orphans to a promised land. But the adventures that ensue turn out to be epic in scope.

Join in on Rod’s adventure by pre-ordering Adventure Finders on comiXology now!

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