NYCC 2023: Ghezal Omar brings unforgiving female empowerment with Pimp Killer

Pimp killers. Bounty hunter gangs. This isn’t your typical graphic novel publisher. And that’s exactly what creator and writer, Ghezal Omar, was going for when she launched Artillery Network; now swooping into New York Comic Con for the first time.

Omar became the first Afghan-American graphic novelist with .357 Magnum Opus, which depicts the dark entanglements of an unflinching female bounty hunter and the ties that bind her.

Continuing her dedication to redefining the female-driven action genre with stylish, adrenaline-fueled thrillers, Omar’s newest title, Pimp Killer, delves into the dark underbelly of a degenerate society. It features art by Ayhan Hayrula and Phillip Ginn.

Got pimp problems? Then LA Jones is your woman.

She’s made a nice little business for herself over the last few years: hunting down pimps. Following the murder of a young woman in Reno, she turns her attention to Luciano “Lucky” Strykes, a low-life pimp hiding out in Hollywood. Lucky is notorious for torturing women who try to flee him, and LA is more than willing to dish out her own brand of justice, making this a match made in vengeance.

Catch Artillery Network’s no holds bars titles, .357 Magnum Opus and Pimp Killer, at NYCC, Artist Alley F-2.

Pimp Killer