Anime NYC 2023: Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint Artist Sleepy-C Joins as an Official Guest

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Anime NYC, New York City’s largest anime convention, announced the attendance of Sleepy-C, the main artist of the hit manhwa series Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint, as an official guest for its Fall 2023 event. Leading up to the print release of the English comic from Ize Press, Sleepy-C will attend a North American convention for the first time, allowing some of the massive Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint fan base to meet the main artist behind the iconic property. 

Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint is a compelling survival game manhwa that combines psychological drama and supernatural action—a brilliant series bolstered by Sleepy-C’s amazing artwork. Readers have frequently requested and eagerly anticipated English print editions of the widely renowned Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint since Ize Press, the Korean comic imprint of Yen Press, was announced in April 2022. Written by singNsong, the author of The World After the FallOmniscient Reader’s Viewpoint has reigned supreme as one of the top ten action series on the digital comic platform WEBTOON with over 268 million views and 2.9 million subscribers. This Korean comic series also won the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Award in the Manhwa Category of the 2021 Korea Content Awards.

As a market leader in the print publication of Korean comics, Ize Press is honored to bring the artist behind this critically acclaimed title to the West for a weekend to meet passionate fans. More details involving the artist’s scheduled activities will be announced at a later date. Anime NYC takes place in New York, NY, from November 17 to November 19.