The Reaper Sovereign returns in a new edition from Dark Horse Direct

Following the success of the Mass Effect Reaper Sovereign Ship 14” Replica, a limited edition collectible now sold out, Dark Horse Direct and BioWare present a brand-new, die-cast version of the popular design. Pre-orders are available now, bypassing Citadel Souvenirs and landing at Dark Horse Direct exclusively for you!

The infinite and unimaginable power of Sovereign is captured here in a stunning, all-metal design. Crafted by the masters at Gentle Giant Studios, each Sovereign replica is sure to send a chill down any organic’s spine. 

The Reaper Sovereign Ship Replica is free-standing at 8 inches tall, made of magnesium zinc alloy, and is expected to ship January-March 2024. Available exclusively from Dark Horse Direct, pre-orders are priced at $99.99. While the Reapers may be eternal, this replica is limited to just 1,000 units. Pre-order today to display in your Captain’s cabin!

Mass Effect Reaper Sovereign Ship 14” Replica