The Penguin rises from the sewers in Sideshow’s Premium Format Figure

One of Batman’s oldest and best-known foes gets Sideshow’s deluxe Premium Format treatment. The Penguin Premium Format Figure is available for pre-order now!

Although born into a wealthy family, young Oswald Cobblepot was mercilessly teased for his penguin-like appearance. As he grew up, he turned his sharp mind to crime and he soon became a prominent member of Gotham’s criminal underworld — as well as a worthy foil for the city’s protector, Batman. Known for his elaborate ornithologically themed capers and his inventive umbrella-based gadgets, The Penguin has remained a popular and compelling villain since his first appearance in the pages of Detective Comics in 1941. 

For the first time ever, Sideshow’s artists have brought Gotham’s Gentleman of Crime to life as a stunning mixed media Premium Format collectible for DC Comics fans.

The Penguin Premium Format Figure combines exquisitely crafted sculpted elements with custom-tailored fabric costuming to create a three-dimensional tribute to an iconic foe of the Dark Knight.

This meticulously crafted and hand-painted collectible pays homage to The Penguin’s classic comic-book appearance, while adding a dark and sinister realism that collectors have come to expect from Sideshow’s interpretations of DC Comics’ Rogues Gallery.

Depicted crouching in the sewers below the city, surrounded by a small colony of his namesake birds, The Penguin clutches his signature umbrella and squawks the plans for his latest scheme to his avian allies.

The deviously dapper jailbird is dressed to distress, with his monocle, top hat, dress shirt, vest, and pinstriped pants. His outfit is completed by a custom-tailored fabric overcoat with an opulent faux-fur trim. But this high-society lowlife’s outfit is far from pristine, as Sideshow’s artists have painstakingly weathered and worn his finery to recreate the ruin and decay of a life in Gotham’s underworld. 

The statue’s base adds additional storytelling elements to this limited-edition collector’s item. Semi-transparent sculpted water effects and theatrical coloring emulate the murky gloom of his subterranean lair, while his predatory penguins haunt the fetid waters. 

Run, don’t waddle! Don’t miss your chance to bring Sideshow’s limited-edition The Penguin Premium Format Figure to your collection!

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