Exclusive: Discover By Water: The Felix Manz Story’s character designs

Plough Publishing House‘s By Water: The Felix Manz Story is the first of a three-volume graphic novel series that dramatically and creatively evokes a little-known chapter in the history of Europe’s Reformation. Written by Jason Landsel and featuring art by Sankha Banerjee, By Water is a compelling and timely story about young people standing up for truth against the corrupt political and religious leaders of their day.

Would you die for your beliefs? Five hundred years ago, in an age marked by war, plague, inequality, and religious coercion, there were people across Europe who dared to imagine a society of sharing, peace, and freedom of conscience. These radicals were ready to die for their vision. They were executed by the thousands—by water, by fire, and by sword—in both Catholic and Protestant states.

We have an exclusive look at the character designs for this anticipated graphic novel.

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