Hot Toys reveals a new Clone Trooper figure!

Star Wars fans a first look at the Clone Trooper 1/6 Scale Figure by Hot Toys, just ahead of the worldwide release.

Created on the planet Kamino as an army for the Republic, clone troopers represented the future of galactic warfare. Modeled on the bounty hunter Jango Fett, with a modified genetic structure, the clone troopers were far superior to Battle Droids in the field. The clone troopers made their debut on the battlefield of Geonosis, heralding what became known as The Clone Wars.

Hot Toys continues to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones with the Clone Trooper 1/6 Scale Figure. This highly detailed figure features a finely crafted clone trooper (Phase 1) helmet and armor. The figure has over 30 points of articulation, and has skillfully applied weathered effects on the helmet, armor, weapons, and accessories. The Clone Trooper is equipped with a rocket launcher, a blaster rifle, a blaster pistol, and an attachable backpack. An interchangeable clone trooper (Phase 2) helmet is also included. This collectible figure is presented in commemorative packaging featuring the Star Wars: Attack of the Clones 20th Anniversary logo.

Build your army with the Clone Trooper 1/6 Scale Figure. This highly sought-after collectible is already waitlisted at Don’t miss out on other collectible figures from this series. Pre-order today! For the Force-sensitive folks who pre-ordered, your Clone Trooper 1/6 Scale Figure is shipping to your temple soon.

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