Ani-Mia Pits Red Sonja Against a Deadly Mermaid

Dynamite has announced another exciting collaboration with cosplayer, host, and writer Ani-Mia! Following a special crowdfunded Vampirella variant cover, and her writing contributions to Bettie Page, Mia is back channeling the She-Devil With a Sword! Red Sonja: Pearls Before Swine is a prestige project featuring the legendary sword and sorcery heroine, available now exclusively on Indiegogo!

Red Sonja just wanted to take a breather between her perilous adventures. The Hyrkanian heroine has been up the snow covered mountains, through the wind-swept valleys, across scorched deserts, and felled an endless number of foes of man and beast. Even the hardest working adventurers deserve some rest and recuperation. No chance for that though in the life of Red Sonja!

She discovers a band of soldiers, most dead the rest quickly bleeding out. They tell her of a fabled vicious mermaid that watches over a captivating and valuable pearl. With the promise of gold and glory, Sonja sets out to take on this foe – and this isn’t any bright cartoony mermaid! Will she be able to survive this deadly underwater battle? And could there be more to the pearl than its shiny visage lets on?

Mia’s writing is complemented by the art of Igor Lima, colorist Adriano Augusto, and letterer Carlos M. Mangual. Of course as a widely beloved cosplayer, Mia shines in the spotlight on a cover as well. She’s also invited two cosplay colleagues and friends along for the party, with variant covers featuring Duhdragon Cosplay and Amanda Kitson.

The comic is available to order now on Indiegogo, with expected delivery in April. Fans can choose between the three cosplay covers, a combo pack, signed and personalized options, and rare collectible editions like CGC grading, holofoil, and metal variants. Mia is also offering a limited number of personalized video greetings for fans too!