Commander Rao gets a standalone prequel And We Love You

Life, death, and a girl who bleeds memories. Announcing And We Love You, the follow-up standalone prequel to the Ringo-nominated and Best Comic Book Award-winning comic Commander Rao, written and illustrated by Fell Hound.

A comic reading experience like never before, this exciting LGBTQ+ romantic war drama one-shot hones an inventive narrative style and cinematic layout, intertwining cinematic art and letters by GLAAD-nominated Lucas Gattoni.

They say war is a story told by the survivors, but what of the stories that never got told? In the throes of a violent dystopian war, a young soldier perishes on the battlefield and begins to bleed out all her memories. Mixing heart wrenching emotions with stunningly gripping visuals, this is the tale of one woman’s life, death, and the love which transcends both. 

And We Love You, for fans of All Quiet on the Western Front and Life is Strange, hits shops Feb. 1, 2023. Edited by Frankee White with title logo by Winston Gambro. Cover A by Angela Wu, cover B by Skylar Patridge, and cover C by Fell Hound, only available on the Scout Comics website.

And We Love You