Interdimensional Hobos? Talking Cats? It’s Junction Jones and the Corduroy Conspiracy!

A bio-engineered laborer manufactured with the sole purpose of being worked to death in the seedy city underbelly…

Grab your absurdist lens! Announcing Junction Jones And The Corduroy Conspiracy, the all-new gritty pulp mystery series, written by TC Pescatore, with illustrations and cover by up-and-coming Argentinian artist Luciano Cruzado, and variant Covers by underground artist Patrick Sparrow and Ewan McLaughlin

In the derelict slums of the multidimensional town of Junction, Mister Nibs and Junction Jones scour the dangerous alleyways in search of illicit organic material to sell off at the local black market chopshops and transmutation garages, until an anonymous tip leads them to the remains of a murdered Earth hobo. The evidence they uncover on the body points to a vast government cover-up, a conspiracy of which they’re now inexplicably at the center. Their first instinct? Run and hide! But a suspicious maintenance team that just so happens to arrive at the same time, looking for the same body, may hamper that. In the ensuing stand-off Jones decides the best option may be a joke; will it fall flat or land?

Fans of Moebius and the Hernandez brothers won’t want to miss this unique dystopian tale. Junction Jones And The Corduroy Conspiracy #1 is from Scout Comics hits shelves Feb. 22, 2023.

Junction Jones And The Corduroy Conspiracy #1