Destiny of X comes to MARVEL Future Fight

Netmarble has released the Destiny of X game update inspired by the X-Men for its blockbuster mobile RPG MARVEL Future Fight. Starting today, players can experience a newly added character, uniforms, World Boss, and character tier upgrades.

The latest game features the newly added mutant character, Polaris (Modern), in addition to four new uniforms for Cyclops (Modern)Jean Grey (Dark Phoenix), Beast (All-New X-Men) and Angel (All-New X-Men). A new World Boss: Legend Jean Grey is also available for players to defeat. This version of the character becomes the powerful Dark Phoenix with a legend V difficulty level.

To further enhance the gameplay experience, a new conquer effect has been added when the World Boss is cleared. This dynamic effect becomes stronger depending on the World Boss’ level. Additionally, the newly-added 2022 Event Token Archive Reward is now available for players that acquired all event tokens throughout the year.

New character tier upgrades are now available for Jean Grey (Tier-4 with new Striker Skill) and Polaris (Tier-3 with new Ultimate Skill). Awakened Skills and Transcend Potential have been added to select heroes including Beast, Angel and Bishop.

 MARVEL Future Fight has over 150 million players across the world with the game currently available worldwide in the App Store and Google Play.

Marvel Future Fight Destiny of X