The Iron Man Mark 46 DLX figure lands with ThreeZero

Get a look at the Iron Man Mark 46 DLX Collectible Figure by Threezero. Political pressure mounts as the government calls for accountability following the events at Sokovia, dividing the Avengers. Captain America goes underground to remain autonomous, while Iron Man sides with government oversight. Their difference in belief escalates to a clash between Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Marvel Studios’ Captain America: Civil War.

Released as part of their Infinity Saga collection, the Iron Man Mark 46 DLX Collectible Figure recreates the iconic gold and red armor as seen in Captain America: Civil War. Constructed using Threezero’s renowned DLX diecast system, the Iron Man Mark 46 DLX Collectible Figure has over 46 points of articulation, allowing for a wide range of poses, including Iron Man’s famous ground pound pose. The figure also has light-up features in the eyes and chest, as well as shooting effects and attachable arm rockets. Air flaps on the back can be opened up to allow for an even greater range of poses.

Add the Iron Man Mark 46 DLX Collectible Figure by Threezero to your collection! Now available to pre-order.

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