The Inkwell Awards opens its submissions for 2022

Inkwell Awards

The Inkwell Awards is requesting professional submissions for its annual recognition event. Submissions are open for ink-work samples of two to four interior pages (no covers or pinups) of any US-published and printed comic-book. Webcomics are permitted as long as they have also been printed. Inks may be either traditional or digital (as long as done by hand and not by software). Artists much choose one or more of the following categories for each submission:

  1. Favorite Inker:favorite ink artist over the pencils of another artist. (Cannot be nominated for the “Props” category.)
  2. Most-adaptable:showing exceptional ink style versatility over other pencil artists (Minimum two pages per penciller, up to six.)
  3. Props award:ink artist deserving of more attention for their work over other pencillers.
  4. The S.P.A.M.I:for favorite Small Press And Mainstream-Independent comic book ink work over another pencil artist or themselves (Non-Marvel or DC).
  5. All-in-one award:for favorite artist inking his/her own pencils.

Submissions must be from comics cover-dated 2022 and sent to to be received no later than January 15, 2023.

The Inkwell Awards requires all submissions to meet certain rules and guidelines, which can be found on their website and Facebook page, or by emailing them at the above address, which may also be used for questions.