White Ash Comics heads to Los Angeles Comic Con 2022

Join Charlie Stickney, celebrated author, owner and creator of White Ash ComicsWhite Ash co-creator and artist Conor Hughes, and beloved comic artist Liana Kangas at Los Angeles Comic Con 2022 (Dec. 2-4), booth #614!

White Ash Comics founded by Charlie Stickney, the former Co-Publisher of Scout Comics, is the omniverse of White Ash, including titles such as Glarien and The Game. White Ash Comics is built by Charlie Stickney’s creative tales, its social media fanbase and through exemplary funding on Kickstarter, including fan-favorite, Glarien #1, which was one of the largest single-issue Kickstarters of all-time! 

Glarien tells the tale of two women and the different paths they take to overcome life-altering tragedies. Jumping from the elf realm of ancient Alfheim to the gritty streets of New York City circa 1971, two seemingly-unrelated tales will slowly weave together to reveal a critical piece of White Ash’s complicated past. 

Liana Kangas’ Glarien: Tavern Screams LACC exclusive is limited to 100 copies, and features interior art by Anna Morozova!

Glarien: Tavern Screams

LACC Exclusive Panels

Where’s the Front Door? Getting Started in Comics 
Comics/screenwriters David Avallone and Rylend Grant, cohosts of the award-winning Writers Block podcast, discuss the many ways to get started in comics, and the comics industry, with a diverse panel of their colleagues.  

Panelists: Charlie Stickney, Chuck Patton, Jody Hauser

Day: Saturday, Dec. 3rd
Time: 12:00 PM
Room: 402B

Do I REALLY need a publisher?

A spirited discussion between creators who have had success through traditional publishing and those who have gone it on their own by taking the self-publishing route. Is looking at traditional publishing really the best path for a new creator to take? And what are established creators missing out on by exclusively relying on publishers to put out their content. Moderated by Charlie Stickney.

Panelists: David Pepose (Savage Avengers, Fantastic Four), Barbara Dillion (Fanbase Press), Kelly Sue Milano (Hex 11) and David Avallone (Elvira, Drawing Blood)

Day: Sunday, Dec. 4th 
Time: 1:00 PM
Room: 308AB

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