Alien Symbiotes attack Marvel Future Fight

Netmarble has released a new game update titled “Symbiote Invasion II” for its mobile RPG MARVEL Future Fight. Players can experience newly added characters, uniforms, and tier upgrades among other content.

The Symbiote Invasion II game update adds two new characters: Gorr from Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder and Toxin (Modern). In addition, players can customize their characters further with new uniforms for Venom (King in Black)Agent Venom (Classic) and Scream (Silence).

In Alliance Battle mode, Squad Battle has been replaced with the new higher difficulty level: Legend. Players wanting to test their skills are required to pick a combination of heroes before going into battle. New character tier upgrades are now available for Gorr (Natural Tier-3) and Venom (Tier-4 with new Striker skill). Additionally, Agent Venom, Toxin and Scream will receive Awakened Skills and Transcended Potential.

Other updates to further elevate the overall gameplay experience include improvements with Skill Tooltip, Skill Preview, and Combat Ready (hero setup function has been added at combat start).

MARVEL Future Fight has over 120 million players across the world with the game currently available worldwide in the App Store and Google Play.

Symbiote Invasion II