Red Sonja and Hell Sonja Collide in New Epic!

Two of the most powerful forces in the Dynamite mythos collide to conclude this year, in Red Sonja/Hell Sonja. But are they meeting as foes or allies, and will both survive to tell the tale?

Writer Jordan Clark returns to the Sonjaverse in an all-new story that forces Red Sonja and Hell Sonja to team up against an immensely powerful Dark Entity from another world. Clark teams up with artist Miriana Puglia as he switches from historical action to cosmic horror.

Red Sonja/Hell Sonja tells the story of Hell on Earth. Hell itself has begun caving in, forcing Hell Sonja to escape through a portal…she finds herself stranded on Earth, powerless, but still hunted by the evil from her home dimension. There is only one warrior strong enough to help her fight back against horrendous Hell creatures: Red Sonja! Hell may have no fury like a woman scorn – but Hell’s in real danger when going up against two Sonjas!

The first issue will have covers by some of the top talent in the industry including Lucio Parrillo, Lesley “Leirix” Li, Joseph Michael Linsner, and Rebeca Puebla. There will also be a cosplay cover by the incredible Rachel Hollon.

Red Sonja/Hell Sonja #1 is out in December 2022.

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