SDCC 2022: Hemingway in Comics comes to the Comic-Con Museum

Comic-Con Museum

Writer Ernest Hemingway casts a long shadow in literature that extends into comic books, where he has appeared alongside Superman, Mickey Mouse and Captain Marvel—he even fought fascists with Wolverine.

Hemingway in Comics, the book and the exhibit at the Comic-Con Museum, explore what it means to be a pop culture icon, and how that image can change over time. Hemingway in Comics celebrates more than 120 of these comics from 18 countries, from the U.S. and Mexico to the Netherlands and Latvia. Artists featured in the show include Chris Ware, Colleen Doran, Cliff Chiang, Steve Rolston, Ryan Inzana, Gabo, Norwegian artist Jason and many others.

The Comic-Con Museum will host a preview of the show in its theater lobby during the July convention, then host the full 60+ artifact exhibition from August to December 2022.

During the convention, a panel will discuss the show on Saturday (11:30 AM -12:30 PM). Panelists include Robert K. Elder (Hemingway in Comics) Elliot S! Maggin (Superman, Action Comics), Zander Cannon (Kaijumax, Smax), Eric Peterson (Jesus Christ: In the Name of the Gun), Dr. Emily Schindler, director of education at the Comic-Con Museum, plus special guests.

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