E-Ratic returns in September

If you had superpowers that only lasted 10 minutes a day, what would you do with them? AWA’s high school superhero, Oliver Leif returns for another thrilling adventure to answer that very question when E-Ratic: Recharged Volume 2 launches from AWA Studios, the independent developer of bold and relevant stories from the world’s most outstanding artists, writers, and artisans. Following the tremendous success of Volume 1, part two of the 4-issue YA story will be available on September 7 and brings back series writer and artist, Kaare Andrews in his signature, eye-catching style.

You’re fifteen years old. You’re suddenly granted incredible powers. Cool, right? There’s only one problem: you can only use your powers for 10 minutes at a time. After a quick recharge, high school superhero, Oliver Leif picks up right where he left off in Volume 2 – saving the world again as he navigates even more pressing perils like young love, bullies, a broken family, and the gauntlet that is high school. But this time, young Oliver is teamed with a barbarian princess who claims to be from another dimension.

E-Ratic: Recharged Volume 2 #1 will be available Wednesday, September 7, both digitally and in stores wherever comic books are sold.