Comic Book Workers United announces next steps, bargaining!

Comic Book Workers United

After their history making win, Comic Book Workers United have announced they will finally be entering the next steps of their unionization process, bargaining with Image Comics.

In this step of the process, the union will negotiate with Image over worker’s rights like salary, benefits, working conditions, and other compensation. Employers have a legal duty to bargain in good faith.

In a series of Tweets, the union said:

The members of @cbwupdx are proud to announce that we have set a date for our first round of bargaining!

We understand that after the initial excitement of winning the vote, a period of relative silence can be a bit anticlimactic, but this is all a normal part of the process.

In the months since our previous update, we have been working diligently behind the scenes to make certain our union is able to achieve its objectives once we begin collaborating with
@ImageComics on our first contract.

We are so grateful for everyone’s patience and interest in our unionization effort, and we’re happy to inform you that we are now moving to this new stage in the process.

Speaking of unionization efforts, we are beyond thrilled to hear about our colleagues at Seven Seas and wish @_UW7S success in all of their endeavors. They wear collective bargaining well!

The wave of labor organizing in publishing is long overdue, and we’re ecstatic to see that the presence of unions in the industry is a growing trend. We all benefit from collective bargaining in the workplace and all workers deserve representation! #drawninsolidarity