Review: The Jurassic League #1

The Jurassic League #1

What if DC’s superheroes and villains were dinosaurs! The silly concept has been made reality in The Jurassic League #1 which kicks off a somewhat entertaining series that begs readers to not think too much.

With a story by Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson, The Jurassic League #1 delivers a spin on our familiar heroes with each being anamorphic dinosaurs that walk on two legs and talk. Now, there’s also regular dinosaurs and we’re not explained why there’s a difference between them, so there’s a lot of leeway that must be given. In other words, this is a comic to just roll with.

Batman, Aquaman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are all introduced, each a dinosaur version of their regular self with some aspects of what we know. There’s early humans which is a whole other things as well as dolphins… this isn’t really a comic you’re looking for scientific accuracy. Instead, it’s a big goofy fight and whirlwind introduction that never quite clicks. It feels more like something you might find in Mad Magazine than a limited series. A joke of an idea fleshed out for laughs. There’s some of that here but the comic feels like a series of vignettes as it introduces each character compounding on that short story punchline feel of it all. It uses some puns in names to some extent but then there’s others where it feels like someone just slapped “-asaurus” at the end of a name and called it a day. It’s weirdly both fleshed out and not.

The comedic aspect isn’t helped by Juan Gedeon‘s art. Joined by Mike Spicer on color, the art at times feels like it’s an homage to Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns and other times cosplay Dinosaurs. Like the overall concept and details, the art feels a little mashed together like it’s a bunch of short separate stories brought together in a way. Like each segment could or should be an issue by themselves and instead were cut up for this debut.

While the art for me is both a hit and miss what really stands out is the lettering by Ferran Delgado. The lettering packs a punch and has so much personality for every character as they battle it out. The lettering delivers a lot of the fun energy of the comic.

While I like the concept and appreciate the comic on some level, I just wasn’t a fan of The Jurassic League #1. There’s some great ideas and maybe it’ll get better, but the debut feels like it bounces around what it wants to be. There’s some comedy, a lot of action, and some serious aspects but none of it quite gels together. The comedy spans so much from spoofs to puns to physical pranks but even a lot of that feels like it’s set on the easy level. “Jokerzard” for instance doesn’t feel inspired as a joke or spin for the name of a dinosaur Joker. It’s just… ok. The Jurassic League #1 feels like it might go over with kids better but for me, there’s a lot other things I’d read first this week.

Story: Juan Gedeon, Daniel Warren Johnson Art: Juan Gedeon
Color: Mike Spicer Letterer: Ferran Delgado
Story: 6.0 Art: 7.0 Overall: 6.0 Recommendation: Pass

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