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It’s satanic heavy metal mixed with a McJob in TRVE KVLT

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign and a groundswell of fan support, IDW Publishing has announced the August debut of TRVE KVLT (pronounced “True Cult”), a twisted and hilarious five-issue miniseries scripted by Scott Bryan Wilson with art by Liana Kangas and colors by Gab Contreras.

After fifteen years working for local fast-food franchise Burger Lord, down-and-out loser and proud metalhead Marty (aka “Tarantula”) feels burned out and ready for a full-life reset. After his last-ditch attempt to lock down some cash goes awry, Marty—alongside plucky new Burger Lord hire Alison—finds himself ensnared in the web of a violent satanic death cult with ruthless and deadly intentions.

Combining the kitschy thrills of satanic heavy metal with the horrors of working in fast food, TRVE KVLT is the second title in IDW’s recently announced slate of original comics, following Scott Snyder and Hayden Sherman’s Dark Spaces: Wildfire.

TRVE KVLT #1 will be available with three variant covers for fans and retailers to enjoy, including Cover A by interior artist Liana Kangas and colorist Gab Contreras, Cover B by Maria Llovet, and Cover C by artist Fabian Lelay and colorist Lizard.


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