Gwen Stacy Gets to Tell Her Story in Giant-Size Gwen Stacy #1

Written by Christos Gage and drawn by Todd Nauck, Gwen Stacy’s first ever solo series launched in 2019 and presented a thrilling never-before-told Silver Age mystery that saw a pre-Spider-Man Gwen go up against villains like Green Goblin and Kingpin. A hit with readers, the series was sadly left unfinished… until now! Coming in August is Giant-Size Gwen Stacy #1, an epic one-shot reprinting the first two issues and, for the first time ever, collecting the final three issues! As fabulous, fierce and smart as Gwen herself, Giant-Size Gwen Stacy is an extraordinary saga worthy of Marvel’s “It Girl.”

Gwen and Peter may not have met until Amazing Spider-Man #31, but that doesn’t mean Gwen’s life began on that page. Meet Gwen Stacy, beauty queen of Standard High, sure, but so much more. Science whiz Gwen Stacy (you don’t think she landed in Peter’s advanced science classes at ESU because of her good looks, did you?) has an indomitable spirit that, much to her police Captain dad’s chagrin, gets her into serious trouble a lot! This in-continuity story will see Gwen tackle a Marvel Universe-spanning conspiracy that has her cross paths with dangerous Marvel villains and team-up with the original X-Men! 

Check out a brand-new cover by Olivier Vatine below as well as a special variant cover by Peach Momoko that celebrates Gwen’s status as a fashion icon! And experience the long-awaited ending to Christos Gage and Todd Nauck’s exciting Gwen Stacy series when Giant-Size Gwen Stacy #1 arrives in August.