Review: Dark Knights of Steel #6

Dark Knights of Steel #6

I’ve been a pretty big fan of this series. Its mix of the familiar with new has been perfectly balanced. As opposed to just taking characters and putting them in a new setting, the series keeps things slightly different at times so just when you expect one thing, it turns out to be something else. Dark Knights of Steel #6 is an example of that as the various kingdoms prepare for war and moves are made to prevent it.

Three kingdoms are preparing for war as assassinations have been going on all over and a prophecy seems to be driving a lot of the decisions. Written by Tom Taylor, Dark Knights of Steel #6 keeps things interesting with great pacing and some tension as characters are put into place for the latter half of the story.

What’s really solid is what Taylor dances around. There’s hints that there’s more going on here, another force or character behind the events. I’m sure this is the reality of it all and we’ll see the kingdoms team up to take on this threat. But, Taylor keeps readers on their toes so you never know if this is how it’s going to shake out. I could be wrong and we’ll see!

The art by Yasmine Putri continues to look beautiful. The comic has always looked great with some solid designs that take inspiration from their main comic versions but is far more than just strapping armor on things. The colors by Arif Prianto pops and lettering by Wes Abbott emphasizes the moment. The art perfectly nails the story as key moments pop and really stand out. A stabbing, a person wrapped up in the lasso of truth, reveals, they all really stand out and nail it creating a read that’s visually fun to look at and also fun to read.

Dark Knights of Steel #6 kicks off the second half of the story and keeps things moving and up in the air. Can war be prevented? Will the prophecy be fulfilled? It delivers just enough unexpected to keep the readers guessing what will happen next and most importantly, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. Another fantastic issue for a series and world I hope we get more of.

Story: Tom Taylor Art: Yasmine Putri
Color: Arif Prianto Letterer: Wes Abbott
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.4 Overall: 8.1 Recommendation: Buy

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