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Join The Club Of Amazing Childhood Adventures This May With Misfitz Clubhouse #1

Scout Comics‘ all age imprint Scoot brings you all-ages shenanigans for the whole family in Misfitz Clubhouse! Stig and Meeky are bestest friends.  Along with their companions, a sloth (Slothie) and a ferret (Ferry), they have some of the wildest adventures imaginable!  Pure fun and good-spirited hijinks await!  Aliens and pirates may only be as far away as a laundry basket, the old pinball machine in the garage, or even speeding along in their wagon! Fans of Saturday morning cartoons will love this new heartwarming series!

The dynamic duo of Matt Knowles and Steph Cannon are the co-writers / co-creators of Misfitz Clubhouse with art by Rahil Moshin.

Misfitz Clubhouse premiered in Scoot Frontiers in 2021 and will remain a regular feature in that activity-filled magazine. Expect more one-shots, merchandise, and yes, shenanigans from the Misfitz kids for years to come!  There is always room for more on their Radio Flyer bandwagon and imagination is the ticket that will take you anywhere!

Misfitz Clubhouse