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Review: David Byrne’s Canceled #1

David Byrne's Canceled #1

I’m not a big horror fan. My enjoyment is pretty limited to styles and what I do like is pretty specific. Over the top gore is out and torture gore definitely isn’t my thing. So, there’s a balance for films, television, and comics as far as what I enjoy. David Byrne’s Canceled #1 nails my type of horror with scares and gore that’s just the right amount and mixing in a nice amount of humor as well.

Written by David A. Byrne, Canceled #1 delivers a series of stories all tied together with different artists on each. The connection of all of the segments is fantastic and when it’s clear what’s going on, it all elevates the comic to a whole other level and feels a bit like dropping down the rabbit hole.

The comic kicks off with a story about a kids show entertainer being canceled. From there, it’s story after story with shock after shock. It’s nice twists and it’s hard to say what I really enjoyed without spoiling the fun of the issue. It’s just an entertaining comic with quick solid horror takes and how it ties together feels fresh in many ways.

The art is handled by a team of talent. Pabliku Man, Renan Balmonte, MedManga, and Nick Justus all handle the pencils while Balmonte also handles the color along with Trevor Rubin. Joel Rodriguez does the lettering. The art varies based on the artist but overall it’s really good. There’s something fun as the styles change and one story flows into the next. The different styles works in the comics’ favor in a way and for those that read it, hopefully you understand why I think that.

David Byrne’s Canceled #1 is a fun horror comic. The genre is sort of slasher and with stories intertwined flowing into each other it’s both an anthology and overarching story that plays throughout. It’s a fun comic for horror fans and one that should definitely be on the radar for fans of the genre.

Story: David A. Byrne Art: Pabliku Man, Renan Balmonte, MedManga, Nick Justus
Color: Renan Balmonte, Trevor Rubin Letterer: Joel Rodriguez
Story: 8.15 Art: 7.75 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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