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Preview: Love and War #1

Love and War #1

Written by Andrew Wheeler
Art by Killian Ng and Guillermo Saavedra
Lettering by Aditya Bidikar

Aster Academy finished second in last year’s Tug-of-War Championships, and Domo shared a kiss with his captain, Gabriel, during their celebrations. After a summer apart, Domo wants to pick up where they left off – but Gabriel has disappeared.

In Gabriel’s absence, Domo must compete for the captaincy against star athlete Jocasta, whose determination to win is straining her relationship with her girlfriend, Nessa. Can Domo lead his team to victory while he struggles with his feelings for ambitious Gabriel and flamboyant Emil?

Love-and-War is a queer sports rom com about how our conflicting passions can pull us in different directions!

Love and War #1