From Young Justice: Phantoms to Young Justice: Targets

Queen Perdita has been kidnapped! Mysterious armored assailants have snatched the Vlatavan royal out from beneath Bowhunter Security, leaving Green Arrow and Black Canary poisoned and comatose in the process! Now a rallying cry echoes around the globe, and across super-teams, to band together and rescue Perdita! Continuing the story of Young Justice: Phantoms, now streaming on HBO MAX, is the six issue, digital first Young Justice: Targets.

Written by Young Justice: Phantoms showrunner Greg Weisman with art by storyboard artist Christopher JonesYoung Justice: Targets will be available in comic shops on July 26. DC Universe Infinite subscribers will have early access to the digital first comic, as Young Justice: Targets #1 will debut on the premium digital subscription service on June 14. Plus, each issue includes a bonus story detailing previously unseen adventures from past seasons of Young Justice!

Debuting July 26, the debut issue features a variant cover by Meghan Hetrick and a 1:25 variant cover by Travis Mercer. New issues will be available on DC Universe Infinite for 30 days before they are available in comic shops.