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It’s Vikings, Trolls, and Valkyries in Beware the Eye of Odin in June

Vinyl and Plastic creator Doug Wagner teams up with artist Tim Odland and colorist Michelle Madsen for a tale of Vikings, trolls, frost giants, and Valkyries in the upcoming Beware the Eye of Odin. This four-issue miniseries is set to launch from Image Comics in June. 

Beware the Eye of Odin follows a Viking prince who, when he discovers the Eye of Odin, must embark on a harrowing quest to return it to its rightful owner—or face a death of boils and decay. By his side are a one-armed warrior past his prime and a female warrior convinced she’s a Valkyrie. Monstrous mayhem ensues.

The perfect epic fantasy for fans of The Witcher and Andrew MacLean’s beloved comic book series Head Lopper.

Beware the Eye of Odin #1 (Diamond Code APR220066) will be available at comic book shops on Wednesday, June 22.

Beware the Eye of Odin #1