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It’s Jewish piracy during the Spanish Inquisition in “José and The Pirate Captain Toledano”

This Purim, a unique Jewish tale of triumph over adversity is getting ready to launch. This new release expands on a story first told in an award-winning short film, The Pirate Captain Toledano which explores a mysterious corner of pirate history: Jewish piracy during the Spanish Inquisition. As refugees from the Spanish Inquisition searched for a safe haven, some took to the sea, and action and adventure inevitably followed. José and The Pirate Captain Toledano will appeal to pirate fans of all ages and will be available in print and digital formats. 

José and The Pirate Captain Toledano is written by Arnon Z. Shorr with art by Joshua M. Edelglass and published by Kar-Ben Publishing.

Set in the shadows of the Spanish Inquisition, José and the Pirate Captain Toledano is a coming‐of‐age story that centers on José Alfaro, a young refugee who forms a powerful bond with the mysterious Pirate Captain Toledano. It’s also a dynamic pirate adventure on the high seas, with hand‐ to‐hand combat and ship‐to‐ship action, and the powerful story of a dark time in history when people took different paths to survive.