eigoMANGA Releases Chapter Two Of The Winter Ember Digital Comic Series

eigoMANGA ihas announced the release Chapter 2 of Winter Ember as the third installment of an eight-part comic book series and graphic novel. The Winter Ember comic book series is based on the Winter Ember video game, an immersive stealth action game developed by Sky Machine Studios and published by Blowfish Studios.

The video game is set in a Victorian world that follows the adventures of Arthur Artorias, a faceless man in pursuit of answers and revenge. In Winter Ember Chapter 2, Arthur’s personal quest for revenge has to be put aside because the scars from his brutal attack continue to inflict pain on him. In order to ease his suffering, he has to pay a price that could cost him the last of his humanity.

Winter Ember is written by the acclaimed Kevin Grevioux and artwork is produced by Chris Awayan. Ben Herrera is the cover artist, Emmanuel Ordaz Torres is the colorist, and Justin Burich is the letterer.

The Winter Ember graphic novel is available to bookstores on April 25, 2022. Chapter 2 of the Winter Ember comic book series can be found on platforms such as Comic Distro and Kindle.