Review: DC vs. Vampires #5

DC vs. Vampires #5

When it was first announced, I’ll have to admit I rolled my eyes at DC vs. Vampires. Five issues in and how wrong I was to do so. The series has delivered paranoia, tension, and kept readers on their toes because anything could happen and anyone could have been turned. DC vs. Vampires #5 continues that teasing some new players on the board while continuing a losing battle.

James Tynion IV and Matthew Rosenberg have nailed each issue mixing things up and defying expectations. DC vs. Vampires #5 delivers a formula that’s been more expected. The issue is mostly a fight but it’s one full of tragedy and tension where you never know what might happen. We left the previous issue with the Justice League confronting Batman and Green Arrow convinced Batman has been turned. We know that Green Lantern and Wonder Woman have at this point but we still have a question as to who else might have been. We get the answers here including some as to how and if it could happen to certain characters. Sure, much could be avoided if Batman and Green Arrow used their words more or Martian Manhunter read either of their minds or maybe Superman’s hearing or x-ray vision could have delivered answers. But, who cares! We get to see Batman and Green Arrow attempt to go to town against the Justice League! The duo pulling out their bag of tricks and it’s awesome!

Tynion and Rosenberg throw in a new element with the Suicide Squad who seem to be hunting vampires as well. Well, at least one in particular. It also delivers solid action and surprises with a lot of humor as well. You think Harley Quinn is entertaining as is? Imagine her riffing on the current situation. It’s clear that they’ll be teaming up with our remaining heroes at some point but to see villains dealing with this… I want a spin-off from that perspective!

Art is split between Otto Schmidt and Simone Di Meo. The art styles are different but they still work and look to have been divided between the two storylines. The action is intense for each with moments that stick out and ones that’ll either fuel or answer a lot of debates of who would win in a fight. It’s the type of battle that is both exciting and also you just roll with. It looks great with each artist nailing down the desperation and fear the various characters are feeling as they’re besieged and beaten. There’s a nice compliment to it all. Tom Napitano‘s lettering adds to it all giving the dialogue a nice feel of chaos.

DC vs. Vampires #5 is another solid issue of a series that keeps surprising. The action is great. The paranoia keeps building and the end of this issue delivers a little sadness as well. But, overall, the comic is a hell of a lot of fun you can easily get lost in and want to see what’s next.

Story: James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg Art: Otto Schmidt, Simone Di Meo
Color: Otto Schmidt, Simone Di Meo Letterer: Tom Napolitano
Story: 8.75 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8.75 Recommendation: Buy

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