Review: Dark Knights of Steel #4

Dark Knights of Steel #4

Dark Knights of Steel has a been a solid “Elseworlds” storyline taking the characters we know and throwing them into a fantasy setting. The series, more importantly, hasn’t been simple the characters we know in a new setting. Instead, there’s been some slight tweaks and additions and enough to keep readers guessing. Add in political machinations and it’s been an entertaining read. Dark Knights of Steel #4 continues the success with an issue that pulls back the curtain telling the story of the Els’ coming to Earth and how Bruce came to be.

Alfred spills the details. All of the details. After Bruce’s discovery in the previous issue, Alfred has decided to sit him down and tell him the truth (I’m assuming it is). Written by Tom Taylor, Dark Knights of Steel #4 takes us through the Els’ early years on the planet and we find out how they came to rule their kingdom. It’s a much more grounded and benevolent story hinting at what’s to come.

What I like about Taylor’s storytelling is that it makes sense in many ways. It’s a gradual takeover by the Els and not some quick power grab or worship by the people. It very much fits the “benevolent’ character of Superman. But, it also shows a slow corruption over time to where things are at.

Taylor also delivers some twists finally revealing who the “Green Man” is. It’s definitely not who I expected, showing the series can still surprise.

Bengal handles the art duty for this issue with Arif Prianto on color and Wes Abbott on lettering. The art is good. There’s some fantastic panels and pages but generally the characters lack a certain detail of previous issues. Bengal’s art style is good and consistent but it’s nothing that really jumps out to me. It’s a step back from the previous issues and is noticeable, partially because the first three issues were so good visually.

Dark Knights of Steel #4 fills in some interesting gaps to the story. We get to learn a bit of the world’s history through Alfred. While the issue is mainly devoted to the past it’s very much about the present and by the end, has set the series up for its next arc and direction.

Story: Tom Taylor Art: Bengal
Color: Arif Prianto Letterer: Wes Abbott
Story: 8.25 Art: 7.4 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

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