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Exclusive Preview: All-Star Champions #1

All-Star Champions #1

(W) Ivan Plaza
(A) Pablo Verdugo Muñoz
(L) Carlos M. Mangual
Cover A: Pablo Verdugo Muñoz, Loris Ravina
Cover B: Giovanni D’Alessandro Jr., Loris Ravina
Cover C: Ben Harvey
Rated T+ (for readers age 13 and older) Pages: 26 Format: Staplebound Interior: Black & White
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Daniel Domingez is just like everyone else his age, trying to discover his purpose in life. The only huge difference is—as he struggles to save money and take care of his father, a now-retired legendary luchador—Danny will find himself having to live up to his father’s legacy as he uncovers the truth behind the sensational sport of lucha libre.””Hiding in plain sight, all lucha libre organizations are a secret network where fighters from all over the planet—and otherworldly challengers—compete to be selected as part of an elite group to protect our planet from extinction! Witness how Danny and friends thwart super-villain rudos, stop alternate universe invasions, and all sorts of monsters as he gets the hang of being an All-Star Champion!

A brand new original mini-series written & created by IVAN PLAZA (Coquí, Lucha Underground, The Masked Republic Luchaverse), illustrated by PABLO VERDUGO MUÑOZ (Mr. Beaver, Hollywood Trash) and lettered by CARLOS M. MANGUAL (Titans United, Justice League, Harley Quinn). One of the most extraordinary twists to lucha libre ever!!!

All-Star Champions #1