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Bettie Page Uncovers Ancient Alien Secrets in The Alien Agenda

Bettie Page is back this March in a brand new adventure investigating invaders from outer space! In Bettie’s previous Dynamite tales, the queen of the pinups has taken on all kinds of surprising escapades via her only now declassified status as a special agent of the government. She’s dealt with murder mysteries, werewolves, even Cthulhu-like beings. In her latest special one-shot she even tangled with Bigfoot. But now she’s traveling to Roswell, New Mexico and around the world, meeting some classic grey aliens in Bettie Page: The Alien Agenda!

Fan-favorite writer, cosplayer, and PreviewsWorld host Ani-Mia returns for an extended take on the dark angel. She’s joined by artist Celor, colorist Fara Nurmaliza, and letterer Carlos Mangual.

Similar to those famous adventurers, Bettie will be trekking across the globe with her two new companions, investigating countless clues left behind by the aliens. Fans will get to journey along with her to the ruins of Ancient Greece, booby-trapped Egyptian tombs, and the deadly Aztec temples hidden within the rainforest. When she finally pieces it all together, will it spell the demise of humanity?

Bettie Page: The Alien Agenda is paired with a crew of top tier cover artists to capture Bettie Page in all her glory. Comics pinup artist extraordinaire Joseph Michael Linsner leads the way. He’s joined by Josh Burns, Stephane Roux, and Jimmy Broxton. Mia herself checks in on this front as well for a photo cover “cosplaying” the legend Bettie Page.