Subscriptions for COPRA in 2022 are Open

If you don’t know COPRA, think Suicide Squad but indie comics. The series by Michel Fiffe is amazing and you’re missing out if you’re a fan of spandex superheroes and over the top action and ideas. Fiffe is making it easy to not miss out by opening up a subscription that allows you to get a full year of releases directly from COPRA Press.

This susbcription guarantees that you get the next four issues. On top of that, every issues will be signed and shipped with bag and board by Fiffe.

The subscription covers issues #42 to #45, the new mega arc that paves the road to the big finale in issue 50!

Hurry so you don’t miss out when this subscription absolutely sells out!

If you want to learn amount COPRA, Fiffe chatted about the series with GP Radio March 2021!