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Th3rd World Studios announces Chickenhare: The House of Klaus by Chris Grine

In celebration of forthcoming animated feature film, Chickenhare and the Hamster of Darkness from nWave Studios, Th3rd World Studios has announced Chickenhare: The House of Klaus, by Eisner nominated creator Chris Grine!

What’s a chickenhare, you ask? A cross between a chicken and a rabbit, of course. When Chickenhare and his bearded turtle friend Abe find themselves captured and sold to the evil taxidermist Klaus, they have to find a way to escape before Klaus (Rhymes with house) turns them into stuffed animals. With the help of two other strange creatures, Banjo and Meg, they might stand a chance. But with Klaus and his band of henchmen hot on their trail, the adventure is only just beginning for this unlikely group of friends.

Previously collected by Darkhorse and Graphix (Scholastic), Chickenhare: The House of Klaus is slated for release early 2022.