Review: Wastelanders: Hawkeye #1

Wastelanders: Hawkeye #1

As Disney+ ramps up production on a slate of Marvel intellectual properties, one wonders if they only continued on Netflix. As when the original announcement was made those years ago, fans were excited at the possibilities. When Daredevil first premiered, it made all the superhero shows on television at the time, seem mediocre. Then came rest of the Defenders solo shows, which showed that you can tell good stories with superheroes as protagonists.

One of the best things about the Daredevil show was the introduction of Stick. In the comics, he was a better mentor than Whistler was to Blade, often giving Matt, tough love. As I feel if there more seasons, we would have seen much more of the character and maybe a familiar story arc or two. Ethan Sacks and Ibraim Roberson bring back Hawkeye as he loses his sight to be trained by the one man who how to move forward, in Wastelanders: Hawkeye #1.

We’re taken to the Goblin State Park deep in the Wastelands, where the territory is being ruled by a ruthless warlord Marko The Terrible, as an elderly Hawkeye. What Hawkeye doesn’t count on is who is Marko’s muscle, Juggernaut but he gets help from an unexpected ally, Matt Murdock AKA Stick. Stick realizing that Clint is losing his sight, decides to train him on how to fight without sight,as he soon finds about himself, that he is even more dangerous and a better shooter with Matt’s training. By issue’s end, Matt sends Clint on one last mission , which also serves as a lesson, that even though he lost his sight, he will never lose his memories.  

Overall, Wastelanders: Hawkeye #1 is an exciting first chapter to Clint’s adventures in the Wastelands. The story by Sacks is a great character development. The art by the creative team is astounding. Altogether, a story that is the best version of the 80s training montage.

Story: Ethan Sacks Art: Ibraim Roberson
COlor: Dijjo Lima Letterer: Cory Petit
Story: 9.0 Art: 9.0 Overall: 9.0 Recommendation: Buy

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