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SFSX (Safe Sex) author Tina Horn: Our Sexbots, Ourselves Vol. 2

“I’m thrilled that the book got you laid” – Tina Horn author of SFSX (Safe Sex).

Tina Horn returns to talk about her sci-fi sex rebel comic book series. Writer TINA HORN and artist G Romero-Johnson’s SFSX (SAFE SEX) Terms of Service is a cyberpunk thriller graphic novel. “After their previous adventures in sex, love, and torture left them separated and traumatized, the Dirty Mind heroes must face the totalitarian Party’s latest “social program” ― one involving uncanny sexpots and a twisted men’s rights movement.”

Tina Horn is the host of Why Are People Into That?! podcast and writes and lectures on sexual subcultures and politics.

CW: bi queers discussing biphobia, whorephobia, transphobia. Vague mentions of fictional characters’ sexual interests.

Listen to Tina’s badass playlists featured in the series-

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