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SFSX (Safe Sex) author Tina Horn: Our Sexbots, Ourselves Vol. 2

“I’m thrilled that the book got you laid” – Tina Horn author of SFSX (Safe Sex).

Tina Horn returns to talk about her sci-fi sex rebel comic book series. Writer TINA HORN and artist G Romero-Johnson’s SFSX (SAFE SEX) Terms of Service is a cyberpunk thriller graphic novel. “After their previous adventures in sex, love, and torture left them separated and traumatized, the Dirty Mind heroes must face the totalitarian Party’s latest “social program” ― one involving uncanny sexpots and a twisted men’s rights movement.”

Tina Horn is the host of Why Are People Into That?! podcast and writes and lectures on sexual subcultures and politics.

CW: bi queers discussing biphobia, whorephobia, transphobia. Vague mentions of fictional characters’ sexual interests.

Listen to Tina’s badass playlists featured in the series- https://open.spotify.com/user/icsf1csd2stfbfepckfsu6yip

And listen to our first conversation here https://www.blogtalkradio.com/graphicpolicy/2020/07/29/comics-writer-tina-horn-on-sfsx-freedom-safety-in-the-scifi-sex-dystopia

Z2 Comics & The Estate of Paul Kantner Partner for Sci-Fi Graphic Novel, Blows Against the Empire

Z2 Comics and the Estate of Paul Kantner have announced the adaptation of Paul Kantner/Jefferson Starship’s seminal 1970 debut albumBlows Against the Empire, as a new graphic novel. Crafted by vocalist/guitarist Paul Kantner in the wake of Jefferson Airplane, Blows Against the Empire was nominated for a Hugo Award in Best Dramatic Presentation that same year. The concept album revolves around Peter and Serenity, a pair of young lovers on the run from the fascist law enforcement of Amerikon. 

The graphic novel expands upon the universe contained within the album. Exhausted by a life spent barely escaping the clutches of authoritarians, Peter and Serenity reach their breaking point with the world when they discover that Serenity is pregnant. Wanting a better world for their daughter, the pair join with a radical hippie collective to steal an experimental starship that can shepherd them across the galaxy. To create the life their daughter deserves, they’ll challenge an authoritarian superpower, fight to stay true to their compassion and morals, and brave the mysteries of the cosmos.

The album Blows Against The Empire, released in November 1970 (RCA Victor), was a narrative concept album celebrating late-sixties counter-culture, depicting people celebrating mind expansion and free love. As the album was reflective of the period of cross-collaboration among musicians in the Bay Area at the time, it featured guest artists including Grace Slick & Jack Casady of Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead members Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart, as well as David Crosby, Graham Nash, and many more. The album reached number 20 on the Billboard 200 and was certified gold by the RIAA.

Writer Ben Kahn joins cover and interior artist G. Romero-Johnson to translate this tale of interstellar hijacking and rebellious love. The deluxe edition includes a limited-edition colored vinyl and prints from G. Romero-Johnson, Kat Crow, and Michael Vincent Bramley.

Pre-orders for Blows Against the Empire are now available exclusively at Z2’s webstore with an expected book release in March 2022. The comic is written by Kahn and features art by Romero Johnson. 

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