Avery Hill Publishing Reveals its Spring 2022 Releases


George Wylesol
Out 19/05/2022 (UK) – 26/05/2022 (USA)
504 pages, softcover, full colour throughout, 195 x 271mm

A fascinating philosophical journey framed as a loving tribute to classic point and click video games.

You’re Wade, a schlubby middle-aged computer repairman, sent to fix a computer in a vacant, nondescript office building. When you get inside the door locks behind you, and you can’t get out. Now the adventure begins! You have to explore this building and try to find your way home. The building is huge on the inside with a lot of sprawling hallways and empty rooms but your only hope is to uncover clues and try to work out the mystery this whole experience hangs on.

Presented as a blend of classic ‘choose your own adventure’ stories and point and click escape games, 2120 offers readers the chance to explore these liminal spaces and, at the same time, take an existential journey of discovery.

George Wylesol is an illustrator/designer/writer from Philadelphia, living and working in Baltimore.
He has an MFA in Illustration Practice from Maryland Institute College of Art.
2120 is his third book with Avery Hill after Ghosts, Etc. and Internet Crusader.

Sleeping While Standing

Taki Soma
Out 14/07/2022 (UK) – 21/07/2022 (USA)
100 pages, softcover, full colour throughout, 158mm x 240mm

A series of short autobiographical strips, dropping in at important events throughout her life that shaped who she is today, told in a compelling and humorous authorial voice. We are led by Taki through her early childhood in Japan in the early 80s, to moving to Minnesota, the separation of her parents, childhood trauma, teenage angst, death, drugs, comics, health issues, love, fertility, pets and zombies; all of life is here in this book! It’s a picture of a highly regarded creator, with an unflinching look at some particularly harrowing moments, but threaded through with levity and love.

Taki Soma is a HUGO award nominated artist, writer, and a colourist. She’s worked on projects such as Rapture, Sinergy, The Victories, United States vs. Murder, Inc., Bitch Planet, Dick Tracy, The After Realm, Iron Man and others – her work can be found throughout publishers such as Image, IDW, Marvel, Dark Horse, Jinxworld at DC and more! She lives surrounded by furry critters and a husband who shares the same passion in comics.

Outer Wilderness

Claire Scully
Out 16/06/2022 (UK) – 23/06/2022 (USA)
32 pages, softcover, full colour throughout, 102mm x 152mm

The third instalment in Scully’s ongoing project exploring sequences of events unfolding across varied environments. Each book in the series is a standalone, wordless collection of illustrations that examine our relationship with the spaces we occupy.

Outer Wilderness is the third and final instalment of a journey that began with introspective self-imagined places (Internal Wilderness), followed by a passage of experience and memory (Desolation Wilderness) and now looks further away to the edges of the universe and into the unknown.

Each of these landscapes are inspired from a mix of science fiction, imagination and space documentaries which builds into a journey through a fantastical environment.

Based in London, Freelance illustrator Claire Scully works in pen, ink and digital with a heavy focus on drawing. Her work explores a variety of themes including the relationship between ‘man’ and his environment.

Clients include: Penguin, Random House, Harper Collins, National Maritime Museum, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, New York Times, Adidas, Line Ski, Burton Snowboards and Icebreakers clothing label.