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MARVEL Future Revolution Launches Eternals themed Updates

An all-new threat converges into the worlds of MARVEL Future Revolution as Omega Flight Agents must team up with the Eternals Super Hero team to combat Kro in the game’s latest update, themed after Marvel Studios’ Eternals. Players can also look forward to a continuation of MARVEL Future Revolution’s ongoing story and new update features that are now live in the game.

Players can now access a new support system with Companions that take the role of supporting or enhancing players. Companions each feature an active skill that allows further assistance in combat. Players can have up to four Companions on a team and can acquire them through Most Wanted Missions, Converge Boxes, and as rewards for other activities. In addition, four Eternals – SersiIkarisThena, and Gilgamesh – will join the MARVEL Future Revolution universe as Companions.

Players can also join forces with The Eternals for a new limited-time Epic Invasion [The Eternals] event to fight alongside the Super Hero team in a never-ending battle against Kro and his army of Deviants while earning rewards. The event runs from Nov. 3~28. Lastly, player Alliances can look forward to a new Alliance Omega War beta in two weeks, where teams of Alliances can compete against each other for prestige and rewards.

Other content updates and enhancements to MARVEL Future Revolution include:

  • Alliance Ranking – A new system that ranks Alliances based on members’ contributions and activities. This includes Donations, Checking In, and Alliance Loyalty levels. Rewards will be given every ‘Season’, with rankings being updated weekly. The results of the newly added Alliance Omega War will also be factored into the Alliance Rankings.
  • Elite Ranking – The strongest players will now be recognized on the Elite Ranking, which displays divided lists according to Squad and Hero. The top player will be awarded a special symbol.
  • Transmutation – Players can now change Regional Costumes, Special Costumes and Omega Cards to be usable with another Hero in a player’s Squad. Costumes will retain information and stats, while an Omega Card’s Exclusive Stat for specific Heroes will be converted and applied to the new Super Hero.
  • Battle Badge Crafting – Players can now craft and acquire higher-ranked Battle Badges with this update. By consuming lower-ranked badges, players can craft Battle Badges as high as 6★.
  • Nano-Fusion Costume Option Change – A new function for changing the Costume of Nano-Fusion Costumes has now been added. Costume changes will only adjust the Bonus Stats for the Nano-Fusion Costumes.
Marvel Future Revolution Eternals
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