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ComiXology Features Two New Releases from Seven Seas

There’s two new manga available on comiXology from Seven Seas. Get them now or check them out below.

Arifureta: I Heart Isekai Vol. 4

Written by Ryo Shirakome
Art by Misaki Mori

Hajime’s party has reached the final labyrinth, a realm of frozen peril underneath bitter snowfields. Inside, each one of them will be forced to confront a shadow of themselves: a manifestation of their own shortcomings and inner darkness. This all sounds very heroic, but let’s be real, this is going to be ridiculous. Just how many people have the hots for Hajime, anyway?! The competition for his love is only getting more intense in this zany companion to Arifureta!

Arifureta: I Heart Isekai Vol. 4

Happy Kanako’s Killer Life Vol. 2

Written by Toshiya Wakabayashi
Art by Toshiya Wakabayashi

Nishino Kanako was just an everyday office worker until she quit her crappy job to get away from her even crappier boss. Now, almost completely by accident, she finds herself working as a hitman. Nobody would have imagined that unassuming Kanako would be a natural born killer, but hey, life’s funny like that sometimes. It’s maybe too awkward to explain to her mom, but a newly confident Kanako resolves to become a legendary assassin… so long as pesky things like romance and the police don’t get in her way!

Happy Kanako's Killer Life Vol. 2

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