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Diversity Comic Con Kicks Off Today!

FIT DIversity Comic Con

Diversity Comic Con kicks off today with a virtual event. The comic con begins at 4pm ET and runs until Saturday, October 16 at 10pm.

You can see the program schedule below and click here to attend!

Program Schedule: Click here to attend

  • Friday 4pm – Beyond Superheroes: How Diversity is changing the industry.
  • Friday 6pm – How to Self-Publish Comics: A step-by-step Q&A
  • Friday 8pm -Virtual networking for creators (VR)
  • Saturday 4-6pm –  Artists Alley – Meet creators, show your portfolio! (VR)
  • Saturday 12pm – Countering Asian Hate: What we can do
  • Saturday 2pm – International Comics: Comics from around the world
  • Saturday 4pm – The Authentic Voice: Showing “isms” in your stories
  • Saturday 6pm – Drawing Contest, email back to register. $100 prize!
  • Saturday, 8pm – Virtual networking for creators (VR)
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