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Chido Comics Asks Friends or Foes?

With Coquí #1 getting a second printing, there’s sure to be more adventures of this new superhero in the works. Chido Comics has teased what’s next asking “Friends or Foes?”.

Three characters have been teased with only their names revealed. In the post, the publisher wrote:

DR. C.Á.O.S’s plan of harnessing and unleashing #Boriken energy stolen straight from the enchanted island’s earth is now in full motion! Who else has been affected by this? Are there more Boricuas rich in Boriken activated with powers? Who of these characters turns out to be a FRIEND or FOE when encountering our hero, THE COURAGEOUS COQUÍ? All of these questions will be answered in the following issues of COQUÍ, COMING SOON!

If you missed out, you can get the first volume now! Coquí #1 is written by Ivan Plaza with art by Matteo Illuminati and lettering by Carlos M. Mangual.

Coquí #1
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